Art Gallery and Technical School, Camberwell, c. 1910


Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts was opened on 10 January 1898 in premises adjoining the South London Art Gallery.

It was established by the Technical Education Board of the London County Council in a building provided by the Vestry of Camberwell, and aimed 'to give the best artistic and technical education to all classes in the district', 'supplement knowledge gained by craftsmen in workshops' and 'help the craftsman become the designer of his own work'.

The philanthropist John Passmore Edwards gave a substantial sum of money for the erection of the building in memory of Lord Leighton.

The building now forms part of the Camberwell College of Arts which, in turn, is part of the University of Arts, London.


Art Gallery and Technical School, Camberwell, c. 1910.

Contributed by Graham Martin.