Coronation Street Party, Camberwell, 1937








This small album of photographs, submitted by Roy Haughton, depicts a street party for the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on 12 May 1937. These scenes were repeated throughout Britain, and again for HM Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953.

Roy writes: "My elderly Aunt believes these were
taken in Comber Grove or Wyndam Road, Camberwell. My mother and Aunt lived in Wyndam Road at the time and my father lived in Warrior Road.

He worked in Camberwell for much of his life at Hilger & Watts [a scientific instrument manufacturing company in Camberwell Road], joining the company in the 1920s and being made redundant when the factory closed in the 1970s."

The site of the factory is now part of Burgess Park.

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Contributed by Roy Haughton.