Woolwich County School, Red Lion Lane, Woolwich, c. 1929


The front of the school


The playing fields at the rear

Woolwich County School opened on 1st May 1928 and these pristine photographs appear to be from the prospectus of 1929.

Here is an extract from its text: "The School provides Secondary education for boys. It is maintained by the London County Council in accordance with the Regulations of the Board of Education for Secondary Schools.

"The Council is assisted in the administration of the School by a Governing Body, specially elected, who take a keen interest in the welfare of the School.

"The buildings are new with up-to-date equipment."The buildings are new with up-to-date equipment. 

"About five acres of playing fields adjoin the School buildings. There are 16 Classrooms, a Library, four Science Laboratories, a Lecture-room, an Art-room, a Handicraft room, an Assembly and Dining Hall, and a thoroughly equipped Gymnasium.

"The School is conducted on Public Day School lines, English Language and Literature, Greek, Latin, French, German, History, Geography, Mathematics, and the curriculum will eventually include the following subjects: Scripture, Science, Physical Training, Manual Training, Art and Music.

"Boys are entered in due course for the University of London General School and Matriculation examinations, for Higher School Certificate examinations, and for University Scholarships.



The Assembly Hall 


A typical classroom

"The curriculum is designed to prepare boys for the Professions, Commerce, and industry, for the Civil Service and for the Universities."

Woolwich County School was renamed Shooters Hill Grammar School, amalgamated with Bloomfield Grammar in 1977 and was officially reopened as Eaglesfield Secondary School on 9 November 1978. 

According to a 2002 Ofsted Report the school has recoved somewhat from a particularly low period in its history, although its students are still mostly "disadvantaged", with more than half qualifying for free school meals.

The school, however, is due for closure in July 2005.


Eaglesfield School 2002

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