Coronation Party, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, 2nd June 1953





After the death of her father, George VI, Elizabeth took the throne in 1952. She was crowned Queen the following year on 2nd June. Her coronation was a splendid affair and was given lavish television coverage, thus increasing the new Queen's popularity. Already a mother of two she had married Prince Philip in 1947.

On the day, over 20 million people watched the event; many of them having to visit the homes of television owners (a mere two million) in order to do so. The Coronation was watched world-wide - a film canister was flown to Canberra, for example, by Jet bombers.
(Source: BBC History).

Street parties were held throughout the country as part of the celebrations, and the one shown here inside Greenwich Market (which looks remarkably similar today) was a typical affair.

Contributor Jim Jones writes: "I am sitting on the right-hand table on the left, third from the front, wearing a funny hat.

"My younger brother Ron is behind me. Above him our Dad, Arthur Jones is standing in front of a post. Opposite me is Johnny Thornton.

"Two ladies in the middle at the far end are Alice Newitt and Flossie Woodgate, and two men standing together at the far end, left table are Ron Woodgate, Flossie's husband and Wally Saddler, Ron's brother in-law.

"We lived at No 6 Turpin lane in the market."

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