Lambeth School, Elder Road, West Norwood, c. 1920


In 1809 Lambeth Parish began to acquire land in Elder Road and in the following year work started on the buildings for Lambeth School of Industry.

These housed the poor children under the Workhouse System.

The school was demolished during the 1980s in order to provide housing.

A Reader Comments:

Was Lambeth School later called Woodvale Childrens home? If so, does anyone have any more pictures of it or details of its history?

My three brothers and I stayed there for some years in the 1950s. We all wore grey flannel uniforms and life was pretty regimented. We slept in large dormitories and strictly attended church each Sunday.

The home was reputed to be haunted by a ghost called "Bullet Head" (I don't know why). When we were laying in bed we used to make up stories about him and why he haunted the home.

Bruce Grant